Oopee Ratings & Rigging is skydiving instructor ratings, tandemskydives, rigging, responsibility and awesome experiences, videos and photographs – everything that’s happening in the sky…

The company has been established in 2001. In early years I concentrated in flying camera, taking photographs and producing skydiving videos. Hobby as a skydiving instructor has become work. I operate tandeminstructor services and train responsible riggers, coaches, static line, IAD  and tandeminstructors.

During dark winter days I work as a rigger and running a rigging school. I am an FAA certified Master Parachute Rigger. On top of that my rigging work is based on equivalent Finnish Aeronautical Association certifications.

2015 – 2016
During winter the focus is on rigging and rigger courses. Skydiving Rating courses start in April and continue the whole skydiving season.