I conduct as  an Examiner Finnish Aeronautical Association  Coach, S/L, IAD and Tandem Instructor (Strong) Rating Courses. Courses are  mainly held at DZ Immola (Skydive Karjala) or DZ Utti (Skydive Finland). I can also travel to your location as long as we can skydive from no less than 3500 meters altitude and you are ready to cover my travel expenses and accommodation on top of course fees.

Skydive Karjala and Skydive Finland are USPA Affiliates. I ‘m also USPA T/E – so it is also possible to get  USPA  Tandem Instructor Rating if you meet all prerequisities before the course.

Please do not hesitate to ask more, if you want to become a coach or an instructor.




I have Finnish Master Rigger Rating (KMC), FAA Master Parachute Rigger Rating and have been  appointed by the Finnish Aeronautical Association to be a Course Director for Rigger Courses.

I conduct rigger courses at my loft as follows:

  • – KMA (Rigger A, Rigger)
  • – KMB (Rigger B, Senior Rigger) requires in practise some time as an apprentice
  • – KMC (Rigger C, Master Rigger) requires in practise a considerable time as an apprentice