As an FAA and Finnish Aeronautical Association certified Master Parachute Rigger I offer my customers inspection and repair service for all parachutes and rigs in use.

Oopee Ratings & Rigging is an authorized Strong Enterprises Dual Hawk Tandem Recertification Service Center and also CYPRES Dealer and Service Point.


Sport Parachutes

Inspection of main canopy 55 €
Main Packjob 10
Inspection of reserve and harness 65 €
Reserve repack in connection with inspection 70 €
Reserve repack 85 €
Changing of line set
– new line set not included

Tandem Equipment

Inspection, repairs and recertification of tandem equipment is charged based on used working time.

Auxiliary Parachutes

Inspection 60 €
Inspection and repack 120


CYPRES 1-pin 1200 €
CYPRES 2-pin 1250 €
CYPRES Maintenance 4/8 years 195 € 
– shipping to Airtec included

Repair and maintenance

Canopy fabric porosity test 50 €
Parachute data card  5 €
Repair work
– price per hour
60 €

All prices include the Finnish VAT 24 %.

Pricelist is valid from 1.1.2016.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.